Your One Stop Cincinnati Truck Repair

 While we value and appreciate your confidence in us, it is for that reason, we want to ensure that your personal visit and experience as a guest of Without a Doubt Truck & Trailer Repair is a positive, comfortable, and desirable experience.

 It is our goal to take "Customer Service" to a completely new level in our industry. Here are some added benefits for having Without a Doubt as your premier repair facility.

Customer / Drivers Lounge

For the safety, convenience and comfort of our guests, we offer a smoke-free lounge on our second level. This is the desired area for you to relax while your truck, trailer or other equipment is being serviced or repaired. This area features lounge chairs, dining area, desk with computer, wireless internet, cable television and a microwave oven.

Food and Drink

Complimentary coffee, water and ice cream are provided to all visitors. A large assortment of reasonably priced microwave meals, sandwiches and snacks are also available. We also offer soft drinks at a minimal price.

Courtesy Transport

We understand some drivers may need to take care of business locally or need transportation to a local business. Based on availability we will either drive you or arrange for transportation.

Mini Store

Without a Doubt Truck & Trailer Repair offers a mini store within our lounge area. Some of the items include radios, headsets, flashlights and various gifts. 


Without a Doubt has a shower for your convenience. Towels and toiletries are available in our mini store for purchase.


A washer and dryer is provided in the garage area for your use. This is great for the long haul driver that doesn't get home as often.